About us


Verval is the artistic name of Carlos Díaz Sánchez. A sound technician, keyboardist, guitarist, bouzouki player, and trained in traditional instruments such as the Asturian bagpipe and percussion, Carlos is the core of the composition in Xera.

His primary sources of inspiration were initially aligned with musicians like Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre, but he quickly became influenced by the new trends in electronic music in the early '90s (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Björk, etc.). Later, Carlos came into contact with the world of Asturian folk music and begon to explore new sounds. It was then that he discovered the work of Martyn Bennett and Paul Mounsey among others great artists.

Since the year 2000, Carlos has been investigating the possibility of merging electronic and traditional sounds with an industrial and symphonic character. It was in 2003, with the guidance of Flavia, that he composed the first musical piece, "Ñubes," laying the foundations for what would become the music of Xera.


Flavia is the stage name of Iria Rodríguez Álvarez, also known as Iria Flavia. A violinist, hurdy-gurdy player, and rebec player, Flavia forms the second line of composition, arrangement, and production in Xera. Her sources of inspiration stem from the origins of the independent electronic music scene of the 90s, with artists like Björk and Garbage, blending with contemporary classical currents such as Philip Glass. Flavia became involved in the folk scene in 2002 and was influenced by the works of Martyn Bennett and Hedningarna. Since then, she has devoted much of her time to exploring new ways to exploit the violin, hurdy-gurdy, and rebec, as well as the possibilities of staging ancient instruments using technology like the looper.

The band

Throughout the last two decades, Xera has been able to count on great musicians and companions. Thanks to all of them, Xera's music has been possible to perform in all kinds of stages.

Thanks to all the people that make this possible.

The concerts

Xera mainly offers two types of concerts:

  • The standard concerts: the interpretation of a selection of the best music by Xera for a specific audience.
  • Thematic concerts: a concert whose music is part of a story narrated by an artificial character or by real actors. The story, therefore, can be projected through screens on the stage or it can be performed by a theater group.


In addition to this, Xera has a trio musical format that is called "Xera-Raíz" (Xera-roots).

The technology

Xera is one of the few musical groups that, due to its composition format and its studio work, have been able to offer concerts in quadraphonic sound and 5.1 surround sound.

It makes Xera's live experience something special.